Caulk tubes for packaging come in two main types, plastic and fiber. Needle nose caulking tubes provide precision product application for clean weatherproofing or neat seals on plumbing fixtures. The nozzles on both fiber and plastic tubes can also be cut down to create a wider application tip.

Caulk Tubes for Sealants and Other Bonding Agents

Plastic caulk tubes are used for acrylic, polymer, and silicone sealants. Plungers provide an even product flow through the tube when pushed by the gun mechanism. Durable plastic tubes and plungers are pressure-resistant, so product leakage won't occur when the tube is properly loaded in the gun. HDPE plastic caulk tubes are best for latex-based sealants and caulking materials.

To package oil- and water-based caulks and sealants, tubes made of fiber are appropriate. Fiber tubes are constructed from cardboard and are lined inside and outside with aluminum foil. Strong solvents and water-based sealants are less likely to seep through fiber caulking tube seams due to the cardboard paper barrier support. 

Refillable Caulk Tubes for Multiple Jobs

Refillable caulking tubes are beneficial tools for construction and carpentry industries that use mass amounts of sealant or caulking at a time. Meeting needs mainly in the industrial and chemical sectors, empty caulk tubes are essential for dispensing a variety of adhesives and sealants. Industrial caulk tubes with plungers are also compatible with certain viscous adhesives, greases, and foam insulation fillers.

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