Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging

Cannabis dispensaries, marijuana cultivators, growers, and processors have increasing needs for cannabis pre-roll packaging for their cannabis products. A variety of options from glass joint tubes to pre-roll bags to hinged-lid pre-roll tins are available to suit every need. If we don't stock it at Berlin Packaging, we can source it for you.

What Types of Pre-Roll Packaging are Available?

Berlin Packaging offers an in-stock selection of child-resistant capable pre-roll tubes perfect for pre-roll blunts, joints, cones, and spliffs. These durable plastic tubes are available in clear – to see the product inside  or opaque white and black for protection from harmful UV light and to protect the integrity of your product. Our offerings of child-resistant capable cannabis pre-roll bags and child-resistant capable exit bags are a must for dispensaries. These products are smell proof and lock in flavor while locking out air and moisture. Pre-roll tamper-evident bands are available to promote consumer confidence.

Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging Sourcing Capabilities

Berlin Packaging is ready to meet all your pre-roll packaging needs. We can source pre-roll cones, pre-roll weed cones, and standard pre-roll tubes in bulk – saving you time and money to take care of the rest of your business. Whether you need small-size or king-size wholesale pre-roll tubes, we have a solution for you. Request a packaging consultation today!

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