Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis flower is still the most popular form of marijuana consumption  and Berlin Packaging offers a wide array of wholesale marijuana flower packaging solutions to suit your unique needs. The delicate marijuana bud requires high-quality packaging to best preserve the freshness of the product. UV-resistant, opaque weed jars block sunlight  protecting the integrity of the flower housed inside. Glass jars and smell-proof barrier bags keep out harmful moisture and air.

Are Child-Resistant Capable Cannabis Flower Packaging Options Available?

Yes. Berlin Packaging offers a variety of child-resistant capable cannabis packaging solutions from gusseted cannabis flower bags to child-resistant capable thick wall glass jars. Berlin Packaging takes the guesswork out of marijuana flower packaging with our selection of hard-to-find violet glass jars and violet glass Boston Round Miron Bottles.

Dispensary Supplies

We offer high-quality NTEP Approved Precision Balances to perfectly measure your flower and clear polybags in a variety of sizes for portioning. When the product is ready to leave your dispensary, we offer child-resistant capable exit bags. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us. Our packaging consultants are happy to source products for you.

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