Candle Jars

The flame of a candle brings light, warmth, and romance to any room. The shape and size of candle jars help create visual impact. With a variety of traditional and contemporary designs, these empty candle jars are suitable for candle crafters and large candle distributors alike.

Candle Jars Add Distinction to Any Occasion

Glass candle jars set the mood for any occasion. They create a safe environment for the flame and display the candle's color and texture. The size range of glass candle jars starts at 0.5 ounces, with a maximum capacity of 1 gallon. Choose between round and square shapes. Most candle jars with lids come with the traditional bale wire-clasping lid.

For Craftsmen, Business Owners, and Professionals

Order these empty candle jars and add your own candles to create a romantic atmosphere at a café, restaurant, or event or to distribute crafted, scented candles throughout the country. Whether you need a dozen or thousands, we offer quantities to fit your budget.

Does Purchasing Candle Jars in Bulk Save Money?

Berlin Packaging makes it easy to buy wholesale candle jars and other products. In addition to competitive wholesale and volume pricing on larger orders, expect quick delivery and first-rate customer service. The E3 management consulting division at Berlin Packaging offers a wide suite of services aimed at improving your business successes.

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