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Premium Glass Packaging from Bruni Glass, a Division of Berlin Packaging

Bruni Glass, a division of Berlin Packaging, is a leading supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging for the spirits, wine, food, and gourmet markets.

Bruni Glass Offers:
Expertise in glass packaging. Our team has 40+ years of experience working across all sectors that use glass packaging. We have a well-developed supply chain with the best glass manufacturers in the world.

Reliable product quality. Products are systematically tested and checked by the Bruni Glass technical staff. Particular care is dedicated to new products’ start-up and control to make sure they are suitable to the application.

Dedicated design team. Our designers and engineers can quickly develop new packaging for a specific brand, and we are always adding to our wide library of custom products that make it easy to stand out on the shelf.

Diversified and loyal group of customers. Bruni Glass has 7,000+ customers, some of which are locally-based and others which are internationally-known brands. We satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Financial stability. We are built with long-term growth in mind. We maintain high ratings related to our financial reliability and health.

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