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95 kPa Pressure Bag Tests – Berlin Packaging, Dangerous Goods Division

This side-by-side performance comparison between our 95 kPa pressure bag and one of the leading competitor’s 95 kPa bags demonstrates that shippers need to exercise care when selecting a supplier.

Our pressure bags meet 49 CFR, ICAO, and IATA requirements for air shipments – do yours?

Whether you’re shipping Category B biological specimens, Category A infectious substances, or other hazardous materials which require secondary packaging that meets the 95 kPa pressure requirement, you can count on us for superior performance and excellent customer service.

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Features & Benefits

· Liquid-tight
· Continuous adhesive seal; no heat sealer required
· Provides tamper-evident seal
· Meets pressure requirements for air transport
· Plain or marked with a biohazard symbol
· Available in multiple sizes

This video was recorded by technicians at TEN-E Packaging Services, an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited independent testing laboratory.

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