32 oz Clear Glass French Square Bottles - 4225B13

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  • 32 oz Clear Glass French Square Bottles
  • Includes a Black Phenolic Cap with Pulp & Vinyl Liner
  • FDA Compliant, Molded in the USA, BPA Free*

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About This Product

32 oz Clear Glass French Square Bottles

French Square bottles are space-saving glass bottles known for their thick-walled, durable construction and crystal clear appearance. French Squares are commonly used to house high viscosity products such as sauces, syrups and marinades. The ultra-clear appearance also makes these bottles a perfect choice for herbs, spices and dairy products. Bottles are graduated in increments of 4 oz and 100 ml.  French Square bottles feature four panels that allow for multiple labeling options.

Includes Black Phenolic Caps with Pulp & Vinyl Liner

Durable black phenolic caps provide strength and durability with heat-resistant and insulating properties.  Phenolic caps are often used in laboratory environments as they are ideal for variety of aggressive products due to strong resistance to chemical corrosion and moisture absorption.  Caps include a pulp & vinyl liner.  Pulp & vinyl liners consist of a vinyl coating applied to HDPE coated paper which is laminated to pulpboard.  Considered a general-purpose liner, a pulp & vinyl liner is often used for food, beverage, and chemical applications including mild acids, solvents, oils and aqueous products.  Not recommended for active hydrocarbons or bleaches.

Bottles are packaged in cartons with internal dividers to protect from damage.

*Bisphenol A is a chemical sometimes used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item.

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