3 Food and Beverage Bottles That Tell the Brand’s Story

As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first. Food and beverage packaging, therefore, must grab a customer’s attention, communicate a brand story and tempt the customer to take a taste. These three food and beverage bottles hit the sweet spot of packaging perfection.

Beverage bottles
O Vinegars Frosted Glass Bottle

O Vinegars: Frosted Glass Bottle Helps This Vinegar Line Stand Out While Maintaining Brand Cohesion

For over 20 years O Olive Oil & Vinegar has been putting a delicious twist on time-honored classics. Handcrafted with the best locally-sourced ingredients and a splash of California cool, their award-winning products are fresh, authentic and made with love. From Fig Balsamic to Citrus Champagne, the brand’s flavorful vinegars elevate everyday food to something extraordinary. In order to bring the fresh flavors of California to dinner tables everywhere, O knew they needed a unique bottle worthy of their premium, one-of-kind products.

When starting the design process for the 300mL vinegar bottle, Berlin Packaging’s design team was mindful of the brand’s complete portfolio of 250mL and 500mL olive oils and 16oz and 32oz apple cider vinegar. The team wanted the brand to feel cohesive, while allowing the vinegars to stand out. Our designers took inspiration from simple, apothecary-style silhouettes that reflect the brand’s authentic story of quality California ingredients like local olives, organic citrus and Sonoma Valley’s best wines. A thin bottle with long neck and soft shoulders creates a modern, sleek silhouette that sets the brand apart from the competition. Frosted glass gives the vinegars a fresh look, while highlighting the beautiful liquid inside. A round footprint mimics the iconic O branding for a holistic brand design story. Consistent label height across the line creates strong and impactful brand blocking at shelf. The result is California gold!

Glacier Fire: Bold Bottle Design Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Setting a new global standard for water, the bold Glacier Fire package has been stunning people all over the world with its unique design.

Based in Iceland, but sold around the world, the product is derived from the cleanest glacial spring water. Iceland, with its glaciers, impressive volcanos and rivers, stands out for one of the purest ecosystems in the world. Glacier water comes directly from the numerous glaciers in the southwest of Iceland, especially the famous, Eyjafjallajökull. For more than 5000 years, the springs from these glaciers have provided abundance to its every visitor, shielded by an in impenetrable barrier of lava, that filters the water.

The company’s co-founders wanted a package that conveyed their passion for nature and the love for their homeland. Requiring complex glass molding and innovative design techniques, the distributor was able to deliver with a stunning glacier shaped bottle. Unlike anything else in the market, the impact and emotion offered by this bottle are incredible. Not only does it convey the essence of Iceland but displays state-of-the-art glass molding techniques. Topped with a unique, aqua colored closure and a clean graphics treatment, the total package clearly reflects the product inside.

Pure, clean, seductive.

Glacier Fire Bottle
Kosterina Olive Oil Bottle

Kosterina: Coated Flint Glass Helps Olive Oil Bottle Stand Out

For centuries, Greeks have treated the olive tree as sacred - even before scientists proved the health benefits of consuming high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

True to their Greek heritage, the founders of Kosterina grew up with EVOO as an integral part of their daily diet. After having children of their own, they realized the modern American kitchen was lacking the authentic, polyphenol rich Greek EVOO of their childhood, and all the delicious meals and health benefits that come with it. Together with farmers from their hometowns in the Peloponnese region of Greece, they developed Kosterina, a commitment to sharing their healthy Greek foods and lifestyle - starting with authentic EVOO.

Needing a package to convey this homespun formulation and wanting to stand out from the traditional green olive oil bottles, Berlin Packaging helped Kosternia select a 500ml superflint bottle with a bartop finish. The white matte spray coating with one-color screen printing elevates the package to truly stand out from competing brands. In addition, the spray coating provides opaqueness to the clear bottle and offers product protection from UV light.