CoolJarz 136 Dram PP Plastic Lockable Child-Resistant Jars - 2812B13

Item #: 2812B13

  • CoolJarz 136 Dram PP Plastic Lockable Jars
  • Child-Resistant
  • BPA free, FDA Approved
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About This Product

CoolJarz 136 Dram PP Plastic Lockable Child-Resistant Jars

The CoolJarz 136 Dram (17.25 oz) Lockable Storage Jar isn't just child-resistant, it's adult and teen resistant, too! The clear storage jar has a black push-and-turn child-resistant cap. Clear jar locks into white opaque sleeve for security and privacy and releases only using a key. Includes clear PP storage jar, black PP cap, white PP locking sleeve and two keys. This product combination has been manufactured to be child-resistant and has been tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocols for evaluating compliance with the Poison Prevention Act.*  Label area: 2" circumference. 

*While this product or product combination has the ability to comply with the Poison Prevention Act when used properly, responsibility for determining compliance of any household substances subject to the Poison Prevention Act is with the seller of such household substances.  For additional information regarding Berlin Packaging’s warranty applicable to this product or product combination, see Terms & Conditions.