12 oz Bottles

12 oz. bottles are a popular way to package a variety of products from beverages to condiments to lotions and shampoos. Berlin Packaging offers a wide range of shapes and colors of 12 oz. bottles at wholesale prices to choose from.

There are a few things to consider when deciding between 12 oz. glass bottles and 12 oz. plastic bottles. Glass is recyclable and impermeable. It won't leach contaminants into your product. On the other hand, the heavier weight of glass bottles should be considered for shipping costs. Plastic is also recyclable and lighter, and we offer 12 oz. plastic bottles that are FDA approved for food products. If you're packaging items like shampoo and conditioner, plastic squeeze bottles allow products to be dispensed easily.

To simplify your ordering process, take advantage of our selection of 12 oz. bottles with caps. And if you need assistance with design and labeling, we offer those and other additional services to help you grow your brand.

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