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Glass Bottles & Jars

Distinguishing and elegant, glass containers can create the brand image for your product to win in the market. Berlin Packaging is a leading supplier of glass containers for the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Regardless of color, shape, capacity, or market, we take the superior properties of glass to help you create an upscale appearance for your product.

Experts in Sourcing, Designing, and Manufacturing Glass Packaging

Berlin Packaging Consultants are experienced in delivering options in glass packaging. We will help you consider attributes like barrier properties, clarity, and hermetic sealing. Although glass is traditionally found in clear or amber, our consultants leverage Berlin’s vast supplier network to facilitate secondary color processes to give your package that customized high-end look.

Your needs are unique and our goal is to supply or create a package that will thrill you and your customers.

Contact a Berlin Packaging Consultant at 1.800.2.BERLIN to assist you in selecting or designing your perfect package.