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Having the product where you need it, when you need it


We know the importance of having your packaging when you need it. If you’re not getting your packaging on time, the costs can multiply, including:


  • Costs in purchasing – needing to have back-up suppliers, sometimes with less-favorable prices or with expedite fees
  • Costs in warehousing – needing to have more safety stock and warehouse space; risk of higher obsolescence
  • Costs in manufacturing – machine downtime and lower employee productivity
  • Costs in the marketplace – inability to fill orders; damage to your brand


Berlin Packaging’s focus on operational excellence and on-time delivery means we can help you eliminate these costs.



Our Commitment

Our first Quality Objective is 99% On-time Delivery; our goal is to deliver a minimum of 99% of our warehouse shipments on time to our customers. Of course, we strive to have 100% on-time delivery, but 99% is better than even FedEx’s published rate.



Our Performance

In mid-2003, Berlin Packaging had 95% on-time delivery of shipments. When benchmarking other suppliers, we realized this was good performance, but not as good as we could be. We implemented procedures to improve performance even further, first breaking the 99% barrier in mid-2004 and holding at that level or higher. This metric is based on meeting a mutually-agreed-to delivery date.


For every month and for more than eleven years, we have delivered over 200,000 shipments a year 99+% on time.  We make sure our customers do not run out of product when it counts. 


This track record allows you to reduce working capital requirements, decrease carrying costs, and minimize inventory investments.


Our stellar on-time delivery results are a reflection of the sophistication of our systems and Berlin Packaging’s dedication to furthering your success.  


Berlin Packaging Warehouse On-Time Delivery Trend


The regular release of our on-time figures makes us the first supplier of rigid packaging to measure and publicly report on-time shipping performance.


Berlin Packaging’s near-perfect shipping record is particularly significant and important in light of rising demand for packaging materials as the economy continues to recover. Sophisticated logistics capabilities are required to continually adjust inventory to anticipate and accommodate fluctuations in any Customers’ packaging needs, guaranteeing an adequate supply of items that are warehoused on behalf of each customer.


For more information, visit 99PercentOnTime.com.