When sourcing plastic chemical bottles for your lab, you have specific needs. Berlin Packaging offers a wide range of capacity, color, mouth and neck width, and material options, which allow you to fulfill these requirements in one place.

Plastic Lab Bottles Are Available in a Variety of Colors and Materials

Berlin Packaging offers plastic chemical bottles in various colors and types of plastic, so you can select the best fit to avoid the chemical breakdown of your product. Requirements for plastic lab leakproof bottles are varied, and the inventory reflects this diversity. Because light may negatively affect your product, certain plastic lab bottles are available in more than one color option including black, green, amber, blue, natural, clear, and white.

The Capacity You Need

Berlin Packaging offers plastic lab bottle capacities ranging from less than 0.5 ounces up to 1 gallon. This wide range gives you the flexibility of ordering from a one-stop shop and selecting to your exact requirements.

What Type of Plastic?

Your product has its own set of needs, and there are many plastics to choose from, including PET, PETG, PVC, and HDPE. If you require a shatterproof plastic sample bottle with the look of glass, or prefer a more translucent plastic lab bottle that will withstand high heat applications, a Berlin Packaging consultant will be happy to assist. Review the specific resin options, which allow you to make the best decision for your specific product.

One Call to Completion

Choosing Berlin Packaging simplifies your sourcing and gives you access to ancillary services that support efficiencies within your supply chain. Not only is packaging procurement made more streamlined, but the go-to-market services including design, brand, and market consultation — or even managing your entire supply chain — make Berlin Packaging your one call that can do it all.

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