Blue Jars

Make a great first impression by showcasing your products in beautiful blue jars. Blue packaging provides extra protection from ultraviolet radiation, making it a smart choice for light-sensitive products. Cobalt blue jars are used to package a wide variety of items, such as food, liquids, creams, or pharmaceuticals. Size, shape, and closure can be customized to better suit your product. Choose from options like straight-sided blue jars for easy label application and jars with wide mouths for quick filling.

Why Choose Blue Plastic Jars?

While both glass and plastic are water resistant, blue PET jars have the advantage of being lightweight, resulting in easy and cost-effective transportation. Since plastic jars are shatter-resistant, they are less likely to incur damage during shipping.

Benefits of Choosing Berlin Packaging

From warehousing to supply chain management, Berlin Packaging provides many extra services, including a team of designers to help you define your brand and create customized labels for packaging.

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