Why being on time is important

Why being on time is important

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

My dad would give me grief if I would show up one minute late when meeting up with him. He would go into a long speech about the importance of being on time and how being late meant disrespecting that individual, and not caring for their time. He would simply state, “Just be in my shoes waiting and waiting for you”. The thought of my dad going into his harangue speech stuck in my head, and I make every effort to avoid that!

Vince Lombardi, arguably the top football coach of all time, would tell his players to be at the bus by 7AM. If you were there at 7AM, you would be all alone because the bus already left 15 minutes ago. They call this “Lombardi Time”. Players made sure to be where they needed at least 20 minutes before the real time. Once you were burned by this, never again!

For a business, it’s essential to be on time on many fronts. Being on time to meetings shows that you value other peoples’ time and shows that the meeting is important to you. Delivering your products on time allows your customers to reduce working capital requirements, decrease carrying costs, minimize inventory investments, and avoid other purchasing and warehousing costs. On time delivery of information is just as important as product as it directly conveys trustworthiness and reliability, which can lead to building strong relationships.

The question to ask yourself is, “Are my business partners or suppliers delivering on time, every time?”