Silver bottles can be made of aluminum or steel and are practical for bottling water and other beverages. Metal water bottles are recyclable, keep beverages cold, and emit zero chemical leaching. Combined with a pump or fine mist sprayer, metal spray bottles are an excellent solution for perfumes and body sprays because they help preserve scents. 

Silver Bottles for Craft Beer Bottling

Breweries have discovered the benefits of using silver bottles as packaging to keep their craft beers crisp and flavorful longer. Popular options of beer bottles include double-wall stainless steel growlers that help reduce condensation and preserve taste and odor. A silver bottle is non-porous, so it prevents air from seeping into the bottle and causing beverages to go flat.

Aluminum Spray Bottles as Marketing Tools

Aluminum spray bottles draw attention to your brand because they immediately catch the consumer's eye. Eco-friendly consumers like aluminum bottles because they're a sustainable and recyclable material for packaging. Aluminum provides an array of design options including embossing to help further brand recognition. Adding well-placed and cleverly designed labels to aluminum fine mist sprayers is an attractive way to package body sprays and air fresheners. The non-permeable metal material is flexible for shaping, strong, and available in a variety of sizes and styles. Metal spray bottles are shatterproof, so they work well for pressurized contents such as aerosol hair sprays and lubricants while giving packaging an aesthetic appeal.

Get Noticed With Expert Labeling

Make your products eye-catching by using silver bottles wrapped in custom labels. Berlin Packaging offers high-quality design and labeling solutions like frosting and acid etching techniques that will get your brand noticed. Choose from full-body embossing or traditional shrink sleeves and wraps tailored to your packaging needs.

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