Pestering Department

Pestering Department

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

Hello. Hi. I just wanted to say hello. Hi there. Have you already received the latest email updates from each of the dozen online shopping sites you visited during the holidays? Were you excited and amused, or did you simply select all, and with checked little boxes send them on their way into the trash heap?

Sales is often a numbers game, with the number of hellos being the single biggest determiner of success. One never knows when the right moment will be for a potential customer to hear about your product or service, which is why constant reminders can be advantageous. But while this may be true for religious conversions and online watch sales, in many saturated markets or complex value propositions, this simple technique has limited appeal.

A thousand small hellos can even be damaging, as the boy who cried “wolf!” sadly found out. Before sending those duplicitous reminders, stop to consider if the potential customer already knows what you are reminding them of, and whether this moment is exactly the best time to do so. Also, over-saturation of simple messages can be futile if the substance is not fully understood. Do your customers know the full spectrum of your offerings, and if so would a more meaningful communication be more appropriate than just another hello?

We all have the tendency to project anthropomorphic qualities on everything from inanimate objects to organizations and brands. Every company has a brand personality, and as such has a responsibility to manage how that personality is perceived by their current and potential “friends” (ie customers). Authenticity and genuine consideration go a long way in every relationship. Don’t let your company have the personality no one wants to be cornered by at next year’s holiday party.