Packaging Digest - 5 MVPs of Packaging 2016

Packaging Digest - 5 MVPs of Packaging 2016

By: Rick Lingle
Date: October 20, 2019

What packaging developments and insights riveted packaging professionals’ attention through the first half of 2016? Persistent trends, fabulous flexpacks, exciting sustainable materials, some fishy cans, a well-read foursome and a little self-reflection in the beauty market.

We take a mid-year break from our regular compilation of the best-read articles of the month to reveal the most popular articles for the first half of 2016 as a wider angle view of what trends and content draw packaging professionals’ interest.

We could call these our MVPs: Most Valuable Posts, as determined by page view metrics of articles posted at since January 1.

While these lists usually comprise the Top 5, we make an exception for a very atypical entry to lead things off: a 1-page article that made up in quality and drawing power what it lacked in quantity by scoring the second-most initial page views of all other 2106 articles (with the exception of #1) while the rest are multipage articles with numbers boosted by their 4-, 5- or 6-page lengths.

The honorable mention is Beauty care packaging trends: It’s all about ‘me’, an exclusive interview that taps the 25 years’ industrial design experience of Scott Jost, who heads Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven. The article develops from this intriguing setup: “The line between human and technological device is blurring as smart technology puts people in greater control of their individual health and beauty needs.” Described as “Augmented Human,” this was one of four key global beauty trends revealed by Mintel in its December 2015 report.

#5. Persistence pays off when it comes to these trends.
This 5-page article looks at the 5 persistent packaging trends set to take the food and beverage markets by storm. From new designs and material innovations to sustainable approaches, read on to discover what the next 12 months have in store including the trend for unusual containers (shown).

#4. This Fab Six takes the stage again for an encore appearance.
What’s one of the most popular and fast-growing segments in all of packaging? We think you’ll appreciate this awards coverage that demonstrates just how flexible this format is when it comes to innovation found in these award-winning packaging developments.

#3. Check out the excitement times five in this segment.
What happens when you take a high-interest packaging materials segment and point to emerging new options? You get the third most popular posting of the past six months, 5 exciting emerging sustainable packaging materials.

#2. What do cleaner labeling and sensory appeal have in common?
They are two of 4 fast-moving trends in food and beverage packaging that are forecast by Mintel to make a significant impact on brand packaging design and influence how consumers interact with packaging for foods and drinks in 2016 and beyond. The four trends? Personalization (exemplified by the Share a Coke program), Cleaner and clearer labeling, Appealing to the senses, and Mobile-engaged packaging.

#1. This was a “reel” winner.
You can’t beat the excitement of a promotional contest that relies on one-of-a-kind packaging to generate excitement. The article about the custom promotional packaging and the contest also generated a great deal of excitement among our readers who sent this one to the top of the list. Additionally, there were more than a dozen comments posted (found below the article), many of which express confusion and frustration by the program’s lack of clarity.

One thing’s clear, though: This is a must-read article about the limited-edition packaging for cans and cartons of this year’s Busch Beer “Catch One. Win Big.” promotion that features colorful illustrations of game fish, plus gold-tone “trophy cans.” Catch all the details in Fishermen reel in prizes in a Busch Beer promotion that features piscine beverage packaging.