Lunch or Life

Lunch or Life

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

A hound sniffs the air, catching the scent of rabbit. Then he spots it. The rabbit bolts, and the hound gives chase. Over and under and through the trees they race, until at last, with one final effort, the rabbit escapes.

The hound returns sheepishly to his master, who asks, "what happened?" The hound replies, "I was running for my lunch, and he was running for his life."

Many great companies start out at a sprint. Through sheer will and effort, they escape impossible odds to land in the greener pastures of sustained success. Then they get fat on clovers.

Meanwhile, desperate and nimble competitors spring up, willing to try new ideas, even crazy ones, if they can offer the hope of survival.

Ironically, those with more to lose are often more likely to take the risk. Complacency is a danger often overlooked, even when clear and present. Entertaining new ideas and investing in calculated risks shouldn't be seen as expensive efforts, but rather survival strategies.

Vigilantly challenging the status quo, experimenting often, and continuously improving must be more than marketing tropes. They are essential activities, which invigorate a company from the inside out. Being willing to upend old policies and topple residual weaknesses feeds the fire of a healthy culture. This not only helps a company stay fresh, it helps it stay alive in the ferocious free market.

For consumer packaged goods companies, developing and launching custom package components can be just such a lifesaver. Customizing the physical attributes of a package can literally reshape the consumer experience, and allow for a whole host of improvements. While doing so, it's important to keep focused on the horizon, with a clear and aggressive vision for growth. Simply following other rabbit paths and munching low hanging fruit can become a perilously predictable pattern. Predatory competitors will easily read these, and pounce.

Stay hungry my friends, or you could become someone else's lunch.