Culture: The Breakfast of Champions

Culture: The Breakfast of Champions

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” was one of Peter Drucker’s most famous lines. Mr. Drucker, the father of management by objectives, used this line to focus the attention on how an employee’s drive, with the right mix of company values and commitments, can trump any brilliant strategy from an “Ivy League” trained CEO. In our most recent white paper, “People Power: Building a profitable business through human –resource excellence,” we discuss 5 critical parts in building a strong organization through people:

  • Selecting (hiring)

  • Investing in (educating)

  • Engaging (motivating)

  • Retaining (rewarding)

  • Measuring (listening to)

All these parts above are important, but I would like to dive deeper on the third part: Engaging employees. In our white paper, leading, empowering, and sharing of information are critical elements that are needed for employee engagement to take place.

Drilling down a bit more, and including additional points from best-selling author, Kevin Kruse, author of “Employee Engagement for Everyone,” wrote that frequent two-way communication between employees and their managers is vital for high employee engagement. Without a running dialogue and feedback, employees may not feel part of a team, and perhaps feel unclear about how they fit in. A second point from Kruse’s book is the importance of growth and development. If an employee does not feel that he is growing and learning, then engagement levels can plummet, leading to low productivity and poor performance.

I encourage you to read the "People Power" white paper mentioned above, and then use the points to eat your competition up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!