Building a Habit Loop

Building a Habit Loop

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

Almost every American brushes their teeth at least once a day. But this is a relatively new habit.

Implements for oral hygiene date back to the ancient Egyptians and their chew sticks. But daily teeth brushing started in the early 20th century. And it wasn’t due to dentists. Claude Hopkins, the wizard behind Pepsodent toothpaste, started the ritual. He got us all to start brushing our teeth every day by creating a habit loop.

A habit loop is three significant actions that make us do something routinely without thinking: a cue, a solution, and a reward. Claude Hopkins found the cue: feeling a weird film on teeth. Through ads, he offered a solution: brush every morning. The reward: clean, bright teeth.

At Berlin Packaging, we support a different habit loop – one involving packaging and business success.

The cue: I want to grow. I know packaging can help, but I don’t have the right support. Maybe I can’t find the right product or my current supplier is unreliable. Or maybe I’m holding so much inventory that my cash and space are constrained.

The solution: A responsive packaging supplier with plentiful warehouse space and a dedicated team down the street.

The reward: Net Income growth through increased revenue, decreased expenses, and/or improved productivity.

At Berlin, we strive to help our customers become greater, faster. Our business model is to provide – in exchange for packaging business – warehouse space, design service, financing and consulting support, and more all with the reward of becoming greater, faster. We have thousands of customers who have created a habit loop of working with Berlin. They know they will be rewarded.

How’s the habit loop with your suppliers?