Semi-Auto Plastic Bucket Closers with Burp Plug/Pressure Plate - 7651T07

Item #: 7651T07

  • Semi-Auto Plastic Bucket Closers
  • With Burp Plug and Pressure Plate
  • Closes both standard and UN pails from one to six gallons
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About This Product

Semi-Auto Plastic Bucket Closers with Burp Plug & Pressure Plate

Semi-Automatic plastic bucket & pail closers are capable of closing both standard and UN pails in a variety of sizes ranging from one to six gallons. The tools operate at 80-100 PSI and can close up to five pails per minute depending on operator. Compressor needed to operate. Compressor must be capable of handling 3 cubic feet per minute when the pail closer is the only tool on the compressor.  Semi-automatic plastic bucket closers are equipped with a two-handed control operating system for your protection.  The recessed buttons on the two-handed control unit must be pressed simultaneously to operate the cylinder.

To meet FDA regulations, this tool is equipped with pressure plate and burp plug made from stainless steel.

• Distance between drilled holes in base: Front (left to right) - 15.75” center to center; Side (front to back) - 16”
• Height: 40”
• Base dimensions: 18” x 27” (1” thick)
• Weight: 330 lbs / 150 kg
• Crated dimensions: 41” x 20” x 45”

Setting the Pressure Plate

  1. Lower the head so that the plate is approximately 1/16” below the height of the pail without a cover and with the cylinder stroked.
  2. Lock the head in position and connect the air lines.
  3. Adjust the pressure at approximately 80 – 100 PSO for normal operation.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 28 days.