Steel Manual Lug Type Closer for 7 gal Buckets - 7650T19

Item #: 7650T19

  • Steel Manual Lug Type Closer
  • For use with 7 gal buckets
  • 16 LUG
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About This Product

Steel Manual Lug Type Closer for 7 gal Buckets
Manual lug closing machines are equipped with a two-hand manual operating handle system for your protection. The wooden hand grips have been ergonomically molded to fit the fingers for a comfortable grip. This steel manual lug closer is intended for closing UN heavier gauge buckets (20, 22, 24). Requires a sample bucket and two lids are sent for testing to ensure that the crimper will work and maintain UN standards if closing 20, 22, 24 gauges.

Operating Instructions

Setting the unit onto a lid

  1. Lift the tool onto a bucket and lid. Make sure the lid is seated onto the curl of the bucket.
  2. Align the jaws of the tool to the tabs of the lid.

Closing the bucket

  1. Push the handles manually outward to actuate the links applying continued pressure until the tabs of the bucket are crimped onto the lid.
  2. It may be necessary to turn the head and close the tabs again depending on the gauge combination of the buckets and lids.
  3. Please note – do not push the handles too far apart or this will cause undue stress on the handle, causing it to break. Just past shoulder width is a good guide to follow.

Removing the tool

  1. Make sure that the handles are in the upright position and the jaws and all the bucket tabs are clear.
  2. Lift up the tool and set to the side; preferably into a cardboard box so the jaws are not damaged or chipped. 

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 28 days.