750 ml Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottles, ROPE Finish (Bulk Pallet) - 290364

Item #: 290364

  • Special Order - Bulk Packed Pallets
  • ROPE Finish, Caps Sold Separately
  • UV Resistant, FDA Approved, BPA Free*

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About This Product

750 ml Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottles

Burgundy (Bourgogne) wine bottles feature gently sloping shoulders and a wider more stable body than most other wine bottle styles. The classic antique green color provides UV resistance to prevent oxidation and increase storage life of wine. This 530 gram bottle features a 29 mm push-up. The push-up allows sediments to fall to the lowest point of the bottle, separating them from the wine.

ROPE Neck Finish

The ROPE finish is specifically designed to accommodate Roll-On Pilfer Evident Caps (a.k.a. ROPE or ROPP Caps). Available in a variety of colors, this cap style is an easy way to create your unique brand and seal your bottles at the same time. When unscrewed, the cap leaves behind a tamper-evident band alerting customer that the packaging has been compromised. When the customer needs to store the remaining product, the cap can be screwed back onto the bottle. Caps sold separately.

Please note: ROPE Caps must be used with bottles that have an ROPE finish and applied with an Industrial Quality ROPE capping machine. Not recommended for hobbyist use.

Bulk Pallet: Bottles are bulk packed on pallets so you are not paying for cartons and dividers, or labor to unpack the empty containers. Pallet and truckload quantities may require additional lead time.

*Bisphenol A is a chemical sometimes used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item.

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