750 ml Green Corked Bordeaux Wine Bottle (Cap Not Included) - 6042B41GRN

Item #: 6042B41GRN

  • 750 ml Green Corked Bordeaux Wine Bottle
  • Cap Sold Separately
  • UV Resistant, FDA Approved
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About This Product
750 ml Green Corked Bordeaux Wine Bottle (Cap Not Included)

Our 750 ml. Green Glass Bordeaux Wine Bottles (Corked with a Flat Base) are a classic style perfect for bottling up red wines. The green glass helps protect from natural sunlight that can break down desirable antioxidants such as vitamin c and tannins in a wine over time, which impacts storability and can cause a wine to prematurely oxidize. Dark glass can prevent oxidation and increase storage life. Flat base bottles are ideal for housing wines. Bordeaux bottles have straight sides and tall shoulders, with dark green glass for the dry red wines of the region, lighter green for the dry whites and, for the sweet whites, clear glass. This bottle shape is widely used in the New World by winemakers bottling Bordeaux varieties, but it is also widely used in Italy, for modern-day Chianti for example, and many other countries. Please order carefully, these bottles and not returnable or refundable.

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