32 oz Clear PET Plastic Spice Jars - 4137B14RED

32 oz Clear PET Plastic Spice Jars - 4137B14RED

Item #: 4137B14RED

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  • 32 oz Clear PET Plastic Spice Jars
  • Includes a Red PP Plastic Flip & Sift Cap
  • FDA Compliant, Molded in the USA, BPA Free*

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About This Product

32 oz Clear PET Oblong Spice Jars with Red Flip & Sift Caps

These extra large capacity jars are ideal for storing large amounts of seasonings, spices, parmesan cheese or other dry granular substances. These oblong spice jars feature indented sides that make them easier to grab and handle.

Caps Included

These jars come with red unlined flip and sift caps that are perfect for everyday herbs and spices. Flip & sift spice caps, also known as flapper caps, let you sprinkle or spoon in just the right amount of flavor. Flip open the protective cover and shake your red pepper flakes or parmesan cheese. Thinking outside of the spice jar, this jar and lid combination can be used to house a variety of products such as bird seed or talcum powder. The flip & sift lid is constructed of polypropylene to ensure long-lasting freshness.

*Bisphenol A is a chemical sometimes used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item.

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