8 oz Steel F-Style Cans (Cap Not Included) - 1900T01-B

Item #: 1900T01-B

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  • 8 oz Steel F-Style Cans
  • Cap Size: 1 in (sold separately)
  • Space saving slim rectangular shape

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About This Product

Made of durable tin-plated steel, these cans will prove useful for thinners, adhesives, motor oils. Or whatever you add to this list. Plus, their rectangular shape and slim design help to save space on your shelf. One gallon cans have integral handle for easy pouring and handling. Caps not included.

Please note: Flux is used in the soldering process of this can.  Flux is critical to quality solder joints on a metal container.  The use of flux may result in slight discoloration of the can.  This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the integrity of the can.  Returns will not be accepted due to the presence of flux on can.

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