Berlin Packaging can help you differentiate yourself from the competition with amazing extruded, aluminum, and laminate tubes. With a comprehensive line of stock tube components coupled with the ability to create custom tubes, the options are endless.


The worldwide network of tube manufacturing facilities makes Berlin Packaging the preferred partner when it comes to creating successful packaging that wins in the marketplace.


Experts in Sourcing, Designing, and Manufacturing Tubes

Berlin Packaging Consultants are experienced in the complexity of tube selection. From identifying tube characteristics, such as head, cap type, fluid capacity, flow ability, flavor/odor containment, color, decorating processes, or any other specialized requirement you may need, Berlin Packaging has you covered. Our goal is to supply the whole package that includes the perfect tube and cap combination to thrill you and your customers.


We supply tubes in a wide variety of materials, including metal, PET, LDPE, MDPE, and laminate. Our decorating options will help you stand out on the shelf and enhance your product's image.


Contact a Berlin Packaging Consultant at 1.800.2.BERLIN to assist you in selecting or designing your perfect package.

Tube Styles