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Metal Cans & Tins

Metal Cans & Tins

We are able to support your metal can and tin needs. All of your requests can be met - from shapes to materials to liners, Berlin Packaging has a solution. When it comes to Berlin Packaging’s line of cans and tins, our options are vast.



Experts in Sourcing, Designing, and Manufacturing Metal Packaging

Berlin Packaging offers a wealth of experience in the supply of cans and tins. We will help you consider attributes such as lining types, opening, fitments, materials, and gauge to source the package that is the perfect match for your product.


When it comes to decorating, Berlin Packaging can help you win in the market place through high-impact lithography or pressure sensitive labels.


Your needs are unique and our goal is to supply or create a package that will thrill you and your customers. 

Contact a Berlin Packaging Consultant at 1.800.2.BERLIN to assist you in selecting or designing your perfect package.


Metal Cans & Tins Styles & Features